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134 - Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, and Northeastern New Mexico
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Photograph America Newsletter on Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, and Northeastern NM
Palo Duro Canyon is not surrounded by mountains–the rim of this canyon is at the same level as the flat countryside of the Texas Panhandle. The entrance to Texas’ second-largest state park is located at the northern tip of this 120-mile-long and 800-foot-deep canyon, the second-largest canyon in the United States. Palo Duro (Spanish for hard wood–the local junipers) gets deeper and wider as it winds to the southeast. It stretches twenty miles wide and gets deeper toward the southern end of the canyon. For a million years, this canyon has been working its way northward.
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In the middle of northern Texas is Palo Duro Canyon State Park. South of Colorado, west of Oklahoma and east of New Mexico, Palo Duro Canyon is located near Route 66, twenty miles south of the city of Amarillo, the largest city in the Panhandle of Texas and twelve miles east of the town of Canyon, Texas.
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