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015 - Fifty Great Photo Trips
(PDF with color photos)

Photograph America Newsletter on Fifty Great Photo Trips
There are so many seasonal variations across this country, that a nature photographer can easily find a multitude of fascinating subjects almost anywhere in the USA at almost any time of the year. This issue contains ideas and information on planning photography trips to hundreds of scenic locations through all the seasons of the year. Use this issue as a guide to the best places for nature photographers to visit and the best times to be there. Starting with Yellowstone in the middle of winter, the listed locations are scattered all over North America. This newsletter points you in the right direction for the peak of spring color, autumn color, polar bear migrations and best bet weather conditions. Detailed updates are included for the locations of Death Valley and Antelope Canyon.
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Updated - January 2009 / with color photos
This newsletter lists great nature photography destinations for every month of the year. Highlighted are the best places to be during each season of the year, over all of North America for the peak of spring color, autumn color, polar bear migrations, and National Parks.
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