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094 - Dinosaur Natl Monument / Fantasy Canyon Colorado / Utah
(PDF with color photos)

Photograph America Newsletter on Dinosaur National Monument / Fantasy Canyon, Colorado
You may have seen photographs of this strange sandstone formation resembling a teapot with the spout turned backwards. This location, up in the northeastern corner of Utah near the Wyoming and Colorado borders, is a long way from most of Utah's other national parks. The newsletter contains detailed directions, a map, and GPS coordinates to this formation. While exploring the area, I found much more to photograph, in and around Dinosaur National Monument. A dinosaur fossil quarry and some of the best Fremont-Period petroglyphs in the Southwest provided great subjects for my camera.
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Updated - May 2010 / with color photos
This newsletter has maps and directions to the best locations for photographing in and around Dinosaur National Monument, a dinosaur fossil quarry. Some of the best Fremont-Period petroglyphs in the Southwest will provide great subjects for your camera. Deep, redrock canyons have been carved by the Green River and the Yampa River, where you can hike into new territory for desert landscape photography.
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  • Canyon Overlook
  • Castle Park Overlook
  • Dinosaur Museum
  • Dinosaur National Monument
  • Echo Park
  • Escalante Overlook
  • Gates of Lodore
  • Glen Bench Road
  • Green River
  • Harpers Corner Drive
  • Iron Springs Bench Overlook
  • Island Park Overlook
  • Lake Uinta
  • Rainbow Park
  • Sand Canyon
  • Split Mountain Road
  • Steamboat Rock
  • Tea Pot Formation
  • Utah Field House of Natural History
  • Vernal, Utah
  • Yampa Bench Road
  • Yampa River